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SOLO: Op 60 No 6 (Sor)

Sor Op. 35, No 13

This short classical piece originally appeared in a book of etudes.

The form

It is important to understand the form of the piece. There are repeat signs enclosing each line; so that means that each line is always played twice before moving to the next.

The music has a structure consisting of an A and a B part. Part A is the first two lines. The melody follows the happy and uplifting major scale. Section B switches to the minor scale, resulting in a more somber mood.

First, we’ll play A, then B, and then repeat A. We know this because of the symbol at the last measure. This indicates to jump back to the matching symbol at measure one. From here we play to the Fin mark.

Practice slowly and carefully, and aim to give the maximum length and lifespan to each note you play. This will give the piece a smooth and flowing sound, rather than a choppy, mechanical sound.

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