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SOLO: Hana (Masaaki Kishibe)

A beautiful tune, Hana is approachable even for beginners due to its easy A section. Sections B and C get progressively more challenging, inviting the player into more complicated chord shapes and difficult techniques.

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  • Learn how to tune your guitar to open D tuning (DADF#AD)
  • Use a capo on Fret III. Learning without the capo will make it harder, not easier.
  • Practice the tune slowly.
  • Learn one section at a time. Get comfortable with section A before moving on to section B.
  • Spend many times (100 or more!) practicing the hammer-on and pull-off in mm6.
  • Identify the chord shapes, especially those which appear two-per-measure in section B; practice them repeatedly.


Open D (DADF♯AD); Capo III

Melody/Lead Sheet

Click here to download the pdf.

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