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Guitar Setups and Repair Services in Boston (Back Bay/South End)

Guitar repair services in Boston

You may be surprised to learn that many new guitars are not even close to optimal playing condition. A guitar technician can help by making your guitar play comfortably. This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself as a guitar learner.

If you're in need of a guitar tech, we're here to help you out. Just call us at 1 (857) 445-1947 or email us at

In our Boston shop, we offer guitar setup and repair services to get your instrument up and running again.

Here are some of the problems we can help you deal with:

  • String height and action adjustment - lower the strings to make them comfortable to play.
  • String gauge - set the guitar with lighter or softer strings so they're easier to fret.
  • Neck adjustments - straighten the guitar neck to improve playability and reduce issues that may cause the guitar to be noisy.
  • Address fret wear, sharp frets and other fret issues.
  • Fix problems with faulty electronics or string tuning machines.
  • Many others!


String Change & Cleanup$24(6 strings) Change guitar strings, clean fretboard and polish guitar body. (Includes new set of strings!)
Setup$75Flat fee for all basic setups. Does not include Floyd Rose.
OtherInquireThe cost of other work is evaluated case-by-case.

Special Offers

Right now we have the following special offers available. Offers may not be combined, and are subject to reasonable limitations.

Berklee Discount15%Berklee students, staff and faculty get a 15% discount off of basic setup services.
Hub Guitar Student Discount15%Students enrolled in our monthly lessons program get a 15% discount on basic setup service.

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