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Schedule Makeups

Schedule A Makeup Lesson Online

In order to help you manage your busy schedule, we've created an online booking system that allows you to reschedule lessons at your own discretion.

What Days Are Available

You may schedule a makeup with any instructor, although you may wish to choose your normal instructor for your makeup.

  • Mike DiBari teaches on Mondays and Tuesdays.
  • Grey teaches on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Rescheduling Guide

Circumstance Action
You will miss a lesson in the next 7 days. At least 12 hours prior to the lesson, log in to Hub Guitar Scheduling to schedule a makeup, or choose to forfeit the lesson.
You have travel or other plans which will result in an absence of more than one week. Send a note with more information to to discuss options.


Question Answer
What if I am not able to schedule my lesson with 12 hours notice? Please remember that until you've “rescheduled” your lesson, you've held the spot on the calendar and made it unavailable to everybody else looking for a makeup time. The 12 hours notice gives other students a chance to use your normal lesson time as a makeup. If you've had a genuine emergency that caused you to miss a lesson, please write to to talk about options for making it up.
What if none of the listed times work for me? We do our best to make ample time available for makeups but cannot accommodate all schedules. We ask that you find an available time that works for you. If nothing works, you are welcome to write to
What if I need to change my lesson time permanently? You should talk to your instructor or write to

How it works

You can reschedule any lesson you like occurring within the next 7 days. You must move the lesson to another time slot within the open 7-day period. Lessons not rescheduled will be considered forfeited.

Advance notice

At present time, you can reschedule any lesson as long as you log in to change the time at least 12 hours before the time of the lesson. Your lesson reminder email comes 24 hours before your lesson, so after you receive the reminder you have 12 hours to reschedule it.

How to reschedule

Visit Hub Guitar Scheduling System. Create an account (or log in) using the email address that you provided. This is the email address where you receive your lesson reminder notifications.

Click the “Appointments” link. Identify the lesson you'd like to reschedule. Click “reschedule” and choose a new time.