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Recital Series

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Recitals in Boston.

Two students perform a duet at Kung Fu Tea Boston.

About the Recitals

All students at Hub Guitar Boston will have the chance to perform their music live at our recital series.


As we do not have a license to perform popular songs, music performed at our recital must fit one of the following categories.

  • Original music and compositions
  • Improvised music
  • Public domain music

Note: if you have a song or tune in mind that you would like to perform at a recital, please ask. We can probably find a way to make it work.


During each recital, up to 3 students will be invited to perform their set.

Because the recital takes place in a public space, it is a better fit for students who have reached the intermediate level. It is also normally best for performers to be ages 18 or older, but exceptions are made for dedicated students—of any age.

Recital Dates

Recitals take place on the first Friday of each month from 5PM to 7PM.

Recital Program

A teacher from Hub Guitar will host the recital and perform music in between student sets.


The performance venue will be provided by one of our partners / event co-sponsors in the neighborhood.

Right now, our concert series is hosted at Kung Fu Tea Boston. This is next door to our classroom location.

Performer Obligations

Performers are asked to fulfill the following obligations.

Recital Fee

A recital fee of $10 will apply to all performers.


Each performer is expected to bring a minimum of 2 supporters. These can be friends, family, coworkers—or anybody. Supporters are very important for making your performance successful. They will give you a sense of confidence as you go up to play your tune, and they will also help keep the room “warm” to you.


Performers are asked to wear a Hub Guitar T-shirt for their recital. If you do not have one yet, one will be provided free of charge. In the colder months, plan on wearing a warmer long-sleeve shirt underneath for comfort.

Social Media

Recital photos will be posted on Facebook. Recital participants are expected to take pride in their performance, sharing any photos or videos published by the Hub Guitar Facebook Page.